About The Promoters

Shri J.K. Chaturvedi has around 30 years of experience in the corporate sector, managing a group of companies in India, with diverse fields such as Polymers distributionship, marketing and manufacturing speciality chemicals. He has got wide experience at corporate level in the field of finance, marketing, production, information technology, and turning around sick industrial unit in India. He is first generation entrepreneur with wide contacts in Industry comprising of petrochemicals, polymers and chemicals in India. He is avid reader of business magazines and has got flair for analyzing economic scenario on continuous basis.

Shri J.K. Chaturvedi is post-graduate in Commerce and graduate in Law with added qualification in Labour Law Practices. He has got flair for marketing which he proved by becoming Number 2 distributor of a leading public sector petrochemical giant in India.

He has honour of being a Member of Regional Provident Fund Committee of Government of India and Department of Telecommunication. He was General Secretary of Student Union at M.S. University, Vadodara and was a Sensor Committee member for western region.

Shri J.K. Chaturvedi widely travelled abroad specially in Europe, Middle-East, Australia and USA on business tours. They are exporters of various polymer products and chemicals to Europe and Middle-East countries.